Defend Tommy Sheridan and the DPRK!

The Central Committee of the RNCPGB(ML) declares it’s full support and solidarity with Tommy Sheridan who was convicted of perjury yesterday at the High Court in Glasgow.

Despite the political differences we have with comrade Sheridan, and there are plenty, it is the duty of every socialist to rally behind him at this difficult time.

We do not agree with so-called socialists who say the response of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has been heavy handed and ‘over the top’.  Indeed Generalissimo King Jong Il is no friend of Murdoch’s News International and his puppets in the Scottish ‘Socialist’ Party who shamefully scabbed against him.

Comrade Sheridan has come a long way since the days of accusing the inhabitants of the socialist countries of being deformed workers.  The unholy alliance of the state, Murdoch’s News International, and the anti-socialist scabs in the SSP knows this, hence the DPRK rallying to comrade Sheridan’s defence as shown by the BBC below.

Long live Tommy Sheridan and the DPRK!

Down with News International, and the whacky Murdochite-Trotskyite Scottish Scab Party!

Long live the RNCPGB(ML)!


Long Live the Brilliant Comrade!


The RNCPGBML has come under fire recently from unlikely sources, ranging from the ultra-revisionist CPB to the now fully Trotskyite embracing ‘CPGB-ML’  for its shoulder to shoulder solidarity with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.  It seems there are some, labelling themselves ‘communist’, who seem embarrassed by the appointment of the Brilliant Comrade Kim Jong-un to the National Defence Commission of the DPRK.

For us in the RNCPGBML there is no embarrassment.  The Brilliant Comrade is an example to us all, together with Generalissimo Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong-un is leading the struggle against imperialism on the Korean peninsula.

Whatever the criticisms these microscopic Chernenkite-Wałęsaist maggots have of the government of the DPRK, forever on their ‘blogs’ and ‘websites’, we ask these so called ‘communists’ to respect democracy.  The Korean people have spoken and we must respect that right.  Unimaginably as it seems, should the Korean workers wish to voice their disillusionment, they have the right, indeed the duty, to express this democratically through the ballot box.

Some might wonder why they have not chosen to do so.  For us in the RNCPGBML, we say…



How dare these people mock the Glorious Red Liberation Army of People’s China?!!

Brothers and sisters, it’s not for nothing that our Great Master and Leader Lenin once said

Из всех искусств важнейшим для нас является кино.

Translation: Cinema is the most important of all the arts for us.

But as we know to our cost, the enemy has poured millions of dollars into that factory of lies and falsification called Hollywood. Who amongst us hasn’t, at family Christmas dinner, shouted “Imperialist filth!” at our television screens as some James Bond or Rambo film dared to come into our homes?

What a difference then, to remind ourselves of the Socialist realm, where our kindly father Kim Jong Il treats cinema as a great artform, daning to produce an ever- skillful treatise on the subject “The Art of Cinema”.

Yet the vile slanders of the Yankie Imperialist and their puppets in non-Democratic Korea enter even into this domain! Such was the article in the neo-liberal Guardian “newspaper” that said

The North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il has a passion for cinema. But he could never find a director to realise his vision. So he kidnapped one from the South, jailed him and fed him grass, then forced him to shoot a socialist Godzilla.

Its beyond belief! Shin Sang-ok, the director in question, willingly  defected to North Korea, then absconded with millions according to the reliable DPRK report.

Yet even this very day I stumbled into yet more filthy revisionist territory – YouTube. How dare these people mock the Glorious Red Liberation Army of People’s China?!!

Who is this “Justin Bieber” with his “Baby”? What corrupting influence does he have on this nations children? To defame the Red Army in this manner is an outrage!

As for Michael Jackson, he is no friend of the working class but a tool of Yankie Imperialism at its very worst. He should take his own advise and “beat it”. We note that we do not hear much about his career in these days, perhaps falling out with his Imperialist masters?

Even a member of the aristocracy has a similar video up – a Lady Gaga. In deed she must be “gaga” if she thinks the worldwide working classes will fall for such slanderous and obvious class warfare. The Gaga estates and treasures will surely be brought into public ownership forthwith, come the revolution!


Bowing to popular demand: Nicolae & Elena Ceausescu

Comrades, the response to our previous post has been overwhelming.

The video tribute of Erich Honecker has enlivened and rejuvenated some of our older comrades and, not to be outdone, won the praises of the Revolutionary Young Communists!

Bowing to popular demand, here is a real treat. Nicolae & Elena Ceausescu need no introduction. Yes, to some of our number they might have appeared as pro-Western, monarchy-loving, anti-Soviet, Stalin-betraying, quasi-Imperialist stooges, but they put up a good fight until the end!

Their filthy cowardly murderers will have their day in the International Criminal Court, unless a revolutionary worker’s militia catches up with them first. Lets hope so!


A tribute on the birthday of Erich Honecker

Dear comrades,

Millions of German citizens will have raised a glass on the birthday in the memory of a hero against Fascist Germanys –  both Fascist Germany before World War 2 and Fascist West Germany afterwards, let alone the sorry Fascist regime which calls itself Germany today.

Some of you will have enjoyed with me tonight a delightful and thought-provoking evening of light refreshments and multiple toasts to a hero of the world-wide labour movement – Erich Honecker.

Perhaps some of our number would categorise this man as a dirty revisionist secret banana eater, who enjoyed erotic dancers while entertaining Mikhail Gorbachev and his filthy, vile, capitalist, unhuman, sickly, gypsy-loving, proletarian-democracy-hating, berlin-wall-despising crap?

Enough! The building of the Berlin Wall was a crowning achievement of the International working-class movement. What You Should Know About the Wall.

They ask – Did the wall fall out of the sky? No, but surely it was heaven-sent! How else would Imperialist West Germans be kept from polluting Democratic Germany? West Berlin was, and still is,  hell on earth!

As Erich said

“Always forwards, never backwards.”

Which brings to mind that great sage Zhou Enlai’s advice:

Never become alienated from the masses; learn from them and help them. Lead a collective life, inquire into the concerns of the people around you, study their problems their problems and abide by the rules of discipline.

Such was this great leader’s testament – apart from his unforgivable missing a chance to imprison Gorbachev or at least support the anti-revisionist  coup.Yet we say –

For a new Erich to rescue modern fascist Germany and a new world-wide anti-Fascist Wall!


Even the Russians themselves would admit that they stink!

More thoughts from Great proletarian Chairman Mao, which we offer to promote debate [A McF]:

“The first thing is to unite with the several dozen Communist parties and with the Soviet Union. Since some mistakes have occurred in the Soviet Union and those things have been much talked about, they have been exaggerated, and now there is the impression that mistakes of that kind are really terrible. There is something wrong with such an outlook. It is impossible for any nation not to commit any mistakes at all, and [since] the Soviet Union was the first socialist country in the world, and has had such a long experience, it is impossible for it not to have made some mistakes. Where are the mistakes of the Soviet Union, such as Stalin’s mistakes, located [in the scheme of things]? They are partial and temporary. Although we hear that some [of these] things have been around for twenty years already, they are nevertheless still temporary and partial and can be corrected. The main current in the Soviet Union, its principal aspect, the majority [of its people], was correct. Russia gave birth to Leninism, and after the October Revolution, it became the first socialist country. It built socialism, defeated fascism, and became a great industrial state. It has many things from which we can learn. Of course, we should study the advanced experiences, and not the backward experiences. We have always proposed the slogan of studying the advanced experience of the Soviet Union. Who asked you to learn the backward experiences? Some people say that no matter what, even the farts of the Russians smell good; that too is subjectivism. Even the Russians themselves would admit that they stink! Therefore, things must be analyzed. We’ve said before that with regard to Stalin, we should [see him as having been] three parts [bad] and seven parts [good]


Documents of the 1st Congress of the RNCPGB(M-L)

Full documents of our historic founding conference and 1st congress of the RNCPGB(M-L) are now available for download:

Documents 1

Documents 2

Documents 3

General Secretary’s Closing Speech

We hope to make available various videos on youtube in the coming weeks.  A massive thank you to all comrades who attended this historic event, our international guests, and the many comrades who would have liked to attend but circumstances prevented them.

The future belongs to us.