Stalin was poisoned. And was Vasily Stalin really just a useless, philandering drunk?

The Organisation for the Reconstruction of the Communist Party of Greece 1918-55 seeks to “do what it says on the tin”, that is to bring back a Communist Party in Greece which is devoid of a class anti-revolutionary nature of the Khrushchevian revisionism. Watch this space KKE!

http://anasintaxi.awardspace.com/oldnewsen.htm sheds new light on two important questions facing the world communist movement

  1. Was Stalin indeed poisoned by filthy revisionists?
  2. Was his esteemed son and Hero of the Soviet Union, Vasily Stalin, really just a useless, philandering drunk?

Vasily Stalin was degraded and slandered. He was made out to be a useless little boy mischief-maker, a talentless fighter pilot, a commander going nowhere and a boozer-alchoholic with the shoulder straps of a General. But none of this is true, it is all slander against a decent, upright, honest, selfless, considerate and talented man, who could bring benefit and glory to the Soviet Union. However, the appearance of Vasily’s talents were not in the interests of Trotskyite Khruschev and those around him. They took revenge on Stalin and his son. They were afraid of him. Vasily had a strong character, and so therefore he was a danger in the midst of the Khruschevites. Vasily, despite the pressure applied by the Khruschevites refused to renounce his own father. He refused to change his surname and refused to stay silent, like his sister Svetlana did.

Of Svetlana, possibily the less said the better. However, our writer is in a charitable disposition.

Stalin’s eldest son Yakov Dzugashvili prefered death on barbed wire than to being inside a German prisoner of war camp any longer. They made conditions for Stalin’s daughter, Svetlana so unbearable that she had to escape from her own country and live out her final days in a London shelter in a foreign country.

This all begs the question – Why then did the Khrushchevites hate Vasily Stalin so much?

Yuri Mukhin in his book “The Murder of Stalin and Beria” defends the version that in the last night of the 28-th February to 1-st March, Khrushchev, Ignatyev and Doctor Smirnov were with Stalin. They poisoned Stalin. But Stalin, according to the opinion of the author, did not die immediately. They deceived the security guard by declaring that Stalin had drunk a little too much and that he should be allowed to rest. When the guard had guessed was had happened, he began phoning everyone including Stalin’s son. Vasily arrived early and apparently found out something from the guard, but did not restrain himself and cast aspersions on the members of the Presidium of the CC CPSU: “You ruined my father, you scoundrals!” Everything was absolutely clear to Khrushchev after hearing such a statement that Vasily knew too much about the murder of J.V. Stalin and that it was necessary to isolate him

The end of the article entitled “Secret documents reveal Stalin was poisoned” is enough to make any true Communist’s blood run cold! The use of a Stalin’s look-alike and other tit-bits will horrify and disturb. We urge guidance in its reading, comrades.

When faced with such detailed evidence of the unhuman hatred that revisionists have for communists that they would even kill Generalissimo, and dare we say, “Uncle” Stalin, then the facts are brought out into the daylight – WE NEED TO GET IN THERE FIRST AND SHOW NO QUARTER! FOR JOSEPH AND FOR VASILY!


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