How dare these people mock the Glorious Red Liberation Army of People’s China?!!

Brothers and sisters, it’s not for nothing that our Great Master and Leader Lenin once said

Из всех искусств важнейшим для нас является кино.

Translation: Cinema is the most important of all the arts for us.

But as we know to our cost, the enemy has poured millions of dollars into that factory of lies and falsification called Hollywood. Who amongst us hasn’t, at family Christmas dinner, shouted “Imperialist filth!” at our television screens as some James Bond or Rambo film dared to come into our homes?

What a difference then, to remind ourselves of the Socialist realm, where our kindly father Kim Jong Il treats cinema as a great artform, daning to produce an ever- skillful treatise on the subject “The Art of Cinema”.

Yet the vile slanders of the Yankie Imperialist and their puppets in non-Democratic Korea enter even into this domain! Such was the article in the neo-liberal Guardian “newspaper” that said

The North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il has a passion for cinema. But he could never find a director to realise his vision. So he kidnapped one from the South, jailed him and fed him grass, then forced him to shoot a socialist Godzilla.

Its beyond belief! Shin Sang-ok, the director in question, willingly  defected to North Korea, then absconded with millions according to the reliable DPRK report.

Yet even this very day I stumbled into yet more filthy revisionist territory – YouTube. How dare these people mock the Glorious Red Liberation Army of People’s China?!!

Who is this “Justin Bieber” with his “Baby”? What corrupting influence does he have on this nations children? To defame the Red Army in this manner is an outrage!

As for Michael Jackson, he is no friend of the working class but a tool of Yankie Imperialism at its very worst. He should take his own advise and “beat it”. We note that we do not hear much about his career in these days, perhaps falling out with his Imperialist masters?

Even a member of the aristocracy has a similar video up – a Lady Gaga. In deed she must be “gaga” if she thinks the worldwide working classes will fall for such slanderous and obvious class warfare. The Gaga estates and treasures will surely be brought into public ownership forthwith, come the revolution!


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