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Defend Tommy Sheridan and the DPRK!

The Central Committee of the RNCPGB(ML) declares it’s full support and solidarity with Tommy Sheridan who was convicted of perjury yesterday at the High Court in Glasgow.

Despite the political differences we have with comrade Sheridan, and there are plenty, it is the duty of every socialist to rally behind him at this difficult time.

We do not agree with so-called socialists who say the response of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has been heavy handed and ‘over the top’.  Indeed Generalissimo King Jong Il is no friend of Murdoch’s News International and his puppets in the Scottish ‘Socialist’ Party who shamefully scabbed against him.

Comrade Sheridan has come a long way since the days of accusing the inhabitants of the socialist countries of being deformed workers.  The unholy alliance of the state, Murdoch’s News International, and the anti-socialist scabs in the SSP knows this, hence the DPRK rallying to comrade Sheridan’s defence as shown by the BBC below.

Long live Tommy Sheridan and the DPRK!

Down with News International, and the whacky Murdochite-Trotskyite Scottish Scab Party!

Long live the RNCPGB(ML)!